• Learn a second language
  • Touch typing is a valuable life skill 
  • High school Algebra will come in handy 
  • None of us are as dumb as all of us 
  • Don't wear a Star Trek, Cosplay, or any other costume to jury duty
  • All get rich schemes are illegal
  • Free money will always cost something, sometimes a lot
  • Microsoft (or any other company) will not send you money if you forward a message to 20 people 
  • Your wife is never fat
  • (Men) You never look as good as you think you do
  • (Women) You never look as bad as you think you do
  • Hard work may pay off in the long run, but procrastination pays off immediately
  • No single raindrop thinks it's responsible for the flood
  • Just because you done it that way doesn't mean it's not incredibly stupid
  • Multitasking is the art of doing twice as much as you should half as well as you could
  • The art of the possible is striving for the second best solution
  • The art of the possible is science fiction - Isaac Asimov (paraphrased)
  • Looking sharp is easy if you don't do any work
  • Calm seas don't make great sailors
  • Any road will do if you don't know where you're going
  • The only true wisdom is know you know nothing
  • Never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake
  • A pessimist complains about the wind, an optimist expects it to change, a realist adjusts the sails
  • You're unique and special, just like everyone else
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Treat me well and I'll treat you better, treat me bad and I'll treat you worse
  • Everyone is crazy except you and me, and sometimes I wonder about you

Outside the Asylum

There's a character in the book, "So Long and Thanks For All the Fish," by Douglas Adams who has learned that everyone in the world is crazy except himself. He goes as far as building a house that's inside-out, i.e. the inside walls on the outside and vice versa. His reason is that he needed to build an asylum for all the crazies in the world. When he went home he would be leaving the asylum.

In the end it turns out he IS the only sane person in the world.

Along those lines, these "Notes from outside the asylum" are intended to be little bits of reason and sanity in a world that's often very crazy.