Books in the Series

Steel World

James McGill enlist in Legion Varus.  His first deployment is to an iron rich world where the legion has to fight a competing force of dinosaurs intent on taking over the mercenary business for Frontier 921.

Dust World

McGill is promoted to specialist (Weaponeer).  Varus is sent to wipe out an Earth colony world as colonization is forbidded by the Galactics.  McGill's shenagins lead to the discovery of a loophole in galactic law:  if a colony is established before contact with the Galactic Empire it's allowed to continue to exist.  In fact, since typically only worlds from the galactic core have colonized, Earth's status is elevated a notch.

Tech World

Varus is sent to Tau Ceti, better known as Tech World, on what looks to be a plush assignment.  Tau Ceti is the central trading capital for Frontier 921 and McGill thinks he's luckout.  Unfortunately, money is the only motivation for its inhabitants and anyone they deal with.  A motivation that know no morals.  We're introduced to Claver, a high ranking officer in Legion Vitrix.

Machine World

Death World

Home World

Rogue World

Blood World

Dark World

Storm World

Armor World

Clone World

Edge World

Green World

Ice World

City World