In the 20th Centry Earth sent welcoming messages to the stars, unfortunately someone noticed. The Galactics didn't respond immediately, Earth was still too backward. When they did arrive in the year 2052 it was with the same ultimatum they gave to all planets: contribute or die. Earth decided to join the Empire rather than being exterminated under a barrage of Hell Burners.

The Galactics provided a grace period and a liaison to determine if Earth had any product or service it could contribute to the Empire. While Terrans think Earth is rich in minerals, there are other planets in the Galaxy much richer. Earth was also technologically backward and couldn't provide any technology of value. Most of the local worlds, however, were too civilized to have proper armies and Earth had a long history of making war. It was concluded that Earth's contribution would be mercenaries.

This series focuses on James McGill from Waycross, Georgia Sector and his misadventures in one of the mercenary legions.

Undying Mercenaries

A series of books written by B.V. Larson