I've Seen Pickles

Character:  Debbie Wolowitz (Howard's mother)

ShowThe Big Bang Theory

Portrayed by:  Carol Ann Susi

Episodes where she appears

The Engagement Reaction (family pictures on the wall)

The Thanksgiving Decoupling (seen very briefly as she walks into the kitchen)

Trivia:  They posted a picture on Leonard & Sheldon's refrigerator after the actress passed away.  Frequently heard yelling at Howard, apparently this is the only way they communicate; both Melissa Rauch and Simon Helberg do excellent impressions

Character:  Morn

ShowStar Trek:  Deep Space Nine

Portrayed by:  Mark Allen Shepard

Episodes where he's heard

The Nagus (laughter only)

Trivia:  Although we never hear him speak, the other characters say he's very talkative and has a great sense of humor; his character is meant to mirror Norm from Cheers including his name which is an anagram of Norm

Character:  Teller (part of Penn & Teller)

Details:  When he performs with Penn Jillette he's almost never heard.  He does grunt once and say sh*t once, but no other vocalizations are ever heard.  It's speculated that Penn and Teller have an agreement that he never speaks when they perform together

Where can you hear him

The Bow Tie Asymmetry (The Big Bang Theory)

The Conjugal Configuration (The Big Bang Theory)

The Consumation Deviation (The Big Bang Theory)

Trivia:  Changed his name legally to just Teller early in his career; in the Big Bang episodes his character is totally amazed at Howard's tricks

Character:  Maris Crane (Niles' first wife)


Portrayed by:  (never cast)

Episodes where she appears:

Voyage of the Damned (shadow only)

Rooms With a View (face obscured)

Trivia:  Allergic to many foods; believe her allergy to chocolate gives her the right to park in handicapped spaces

Character:  Vera Peterson (Norm's wife)


Portrayed by:  Bernadette Birkett

Episodes where she appears

Thanksgiving Orphans (face obscured)

Fairytales Can Come True (shown, in a different role)

Trivia:  Bernadette Birkett is George Wendt's wife


Character:  Morty Fine (Fran's Father)

ShowThe Nanny

Portrayed by:  Steve Lawrence

Episodes where he appears

Ma'ternal Affairs

The Finale, Part I

Trivia:  Actor sang "Time after Time" (by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne) in The Finale, Part I


Have you ever noticed that a lot of shows have characters that are mentioned frequently but never, or almost never, seen?  A classic example is Pickles Sorrell, Buddy's wife on The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Other cases the characters are seen frequently, but never heard.  On this page I expose some of these characters.

Character:  Pickles Sorrell (Buddy's wife)

Show:  The Dick Van Dyke Show

Full Name:  Fiona Conway Sorrell

Portrayed by:  Barbara Perry (shown)/ Joan Shawlee

Episodes where she appears

Sally is a Girl

The Sam Pomerantz Scandels

My Husband is a Check Grabber

Trivia:  Where she grew up everyone named Fiona went by Pickles.  (She was the only one named Fiona.)