Famous Name:  Jimmy Stewart

Why the name is famous:  Actor

Real Person:  Motocross rider named James Stewart (shown); one of my co-workers, we went on a business trip together and the hotel cancelled our reservations because they thought it was a prank (you know . . . Jimmy Stewart and Tom Jones

What's In a Name?

Famous Name:  Tom Jones

Why the name is famous:  Famous singer in the 70's who was born Thomas John Woddward

Real Person:  Me, Thomas Steven Jones (shown as a baby); 

Famous Name:  Michael Bolton

Why the name is famous:  Singer

Real Person:  Okay . . . not a real person, but a character in the movie Office Space suffers from the problems have having to live with a famous name

Famous Name:  Michael Douglas

Why the name is famous:  Movies like Jewel of the Nile and Traffic

Real Person:  Actor Michal Keaton was born Michael John Douglas, never changed his name legally

Famous Name:  Albert Einstein

Why the name is famous:  Name of famous physicist who developed the Theory of Relativity

Real Person:  Actor Al Brooks (shown here with Sharon Stone); his birth name was Albert Einstein; SAG rules may have influenced the name change

With the release of the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, some radio stations have been contacting real people the the name Sarah Marshall and asking them what it's like.  I've lived with a famous name all my life and let me tell you it's no fun.  The following is a list who have been inconvenienced because of being born with a famous name.

Famous Name:  Sarah MarshallWhy the name is famousForgetting Sarah Marshall (movie)

Real Person:  Sarah Marshall, a school teacher in New York City